Friday, August 19, 2011

106...It is Hot Out There--Mount Scott Preview

Now that I have finished work and I wait for the sun to crest over the horizon, I have my sights set on Mount Scott.  Mount Scott is the tallest peak in the state of Oklahoma and at one time had a 5k race up to the summit.  Though the race may not exist, I want to attempt to break the course record of 21:04 set by Gilbert Limo in 2006.  Mount Scott has an average grade of 7% which is half of Mount Washington and half the distance too.  The peak is 2,464 feet as according to Wikipedia and was around since the Dinosaurs.  This to me is like my Mount Washington, my Colorado Rockies. Yes, it is a small peak in retrospect but it is at least something and certainly a challenge.  Before I head East for graduate school, I have the goal in mind to do something like Kilian Jornet- ascent the mountain and then run down it as fast as possible to set a record of strength and endurance that a true Oklahoman would be proud of.

I wish the race still existed though it might in myth, I am going to run up this mountain and do so in 21:03 or faster.

More to come about tonight's run but I can tell you I am excited to document my journey to Scott. Thank you La Sportiva for the response to my email.  As you know  I am looking for sponsorship with a trail running brand and I am a potential future prospect with the team.  That to me is exciting and I look forward to continuing my running adventure maybe with La Sportiva and OK Runner.  Thank you Gus and company for all the help and support your store gives me plus we have a sweet LOGO which makes you feel cool and fast as you run by people!

Heat Run of 60 minutes! When the temperature is over 100 the run is pedestrian but it helps acclimate the body for extreme conditions.  The run felt great considering the heat and now it is time to celebrate my buddy Clayton's birthday!!!! Overall, a tough day but there is hope for nicer Oklahoma days.

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