Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tulsa Riverside 5000m 4th Place---15:31

Today was the Tulsa Riverside 5000m and the race had a great field.

This race I thought had a series of 2.5 laps but I was wrong.

The morning was nice with a temperature in the mid 70's but humid.  I knew going into the race that if I was in position with the leaders I could win.  From the gun, I was pacing the race with Kyle King a Tulsa running legend.  I just told myself to remain relaxed through the sharp 180 degree turns and to wait to make a move.  I spent the whole race waiting.....and waiting and waiting.  CMON! Make a move!  We were running around 4:50-5 min pace which felt very relaxed.  It was in the second lap that I thought the race had one more half lap to go. I saw something say 4k but it was a miss-print.  Whoops! I began to pick up the tempo and begin to enter my kicking phase. What I did not realize is that we had a whole other 1000m to go which was disappointing.  I felt like I had lost the battle mentally and then fell back behind Kyle King, David Chirchir and then Jerry Faulkner.  That is how the race played out. David Chirchir won the 500 dollar prize with Kyle King then Jerry then me. 15:31 was my overall time which the course runs a little slow with the sharp turns and the humidity. Otherwise, a great effort for me. My last 5k was in November of last year so I would say I ran pretty solid. I was able to score some money 100 dollars which is going into my bank account to buy groceries and other goodies.  It was a fun event and now I have regained my racing edge and I am hungry for more.  What other races are in store for me, I am certain to accept the challenge and gain new insight on running and myself.

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