Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thunderstorm Run, Time off and Race Weekend!

There is a bunch to write about and not enough time but hopefully when I get a spare moment I can recap.

I Ran at lake thunderbird today and it was so nice. 70's oh yeah!  I ran out at the lake and though it was humid, I kept a great pace throughout. I ran some hills and some trails and then finished in a glorious 75 minute run and 12 miles!!!!   For the week I am at a 11.6 mile average and my runs have been great!

I have gone running to view great thunderclouds and intense lightning which is something you would never see in New Jersey to running on the trails of Thunderbird to running with overcast skies which has not happened all summer.

I ran with Connor as well out along the OU stretch and out by Norman high school where we ran some strides to get our legs ready for the Riverside 5k.  60 minutes of work just enough to recover for a 14:30 performance on Saturday if my legs will allow me to.

 I have been rounding into shape and finally my racing schedule begins!!!  I have been so busy with work and graduate school applications that I have had just enough time to run, eat, sleep, work, and just finish chores.  I am so excited about this weekend and I look forward to running fast!

Next up I have the Do Wack a Do trail run in September that I will hope to set the 25k record and run around an hour and a half which would shatter the next best time of 2 hours and 14 minutes.

I may even look into trying to get an ascent/descent record up Mount Scott hopefully for a November effort while the temps begin to cool!

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