Monday, August 22, 2011

The Mean Green Machine!!!

Running...It is something that never really gets much credit. Something that often is laughed at, people hate, people cringe at. But for my girlfriend, Ashlee, running is a lens...a lens into my mind-into my body and soul. I have never seen someone who never was a runner have such compassion for the sport as she does.  She cheers me on like it is a big OU football game ready to scream her lungs out. She laughs and cries, smiles and frowns, all for the glory I seek when I go and push myself to the limits. I love her and she is my inspiration for it all. When I feel like crap like tonight for instance, I think of her grace and love and it carries me miles and miles back home.  I never thought I could find someone who appreciates running the way she does. Thank you Ashlee! You win the Mean Green award for being such a great motivator.  

I have run well the past few days. Both night runs and both decent mileage of 10.5 and 10.  I am close to a nice average for the week and my baby is helping me stay  well fed and keeping my spirits up.  She really is something special and though I do not mention her much, she is always on my mind. She is like my lucky rabbit's foot; I may not always mention it but it is always there within me, helping me conquer great obstacles. You are my lucky charm Ashlee and for all the hard work I put into running, I want you to know that I would not be able to do it without your support. Thank you!

With Ashlee, I am already at the Summit! I have made it to the top and it is thanks to her spirit and strong will that gives me the strength to push when I am ready to give up! Thank you sweetheart!

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