Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Trail Run!---Pollen!

I did a nice recovery run back to the OU xc course. And guess what?  Someone mowed the course so I did not need to bring a machete.  The run went well though the sun was beating on me at that 80 degree range. It is amazing how running in much cooler temperatures really allow for my body to recharge and run with greater ease.  I ran 3.5 loops of the course as I twisted up and down the soft clay surface.  I am planning on signing up for the Oklahoma Ultra-Running Championships in the Trail 6 hour division. I hope I can get a victory in my first ultra but to finish this feat feeling great will be my ultimate goal.  I am very excited about pushing the limitations of my body. Ashlee recently has been dealing with some allergies and is really feeling the sinus pressure all up in her nasal cavities.  I even have been noticing my lungs are stressed more with the allergens out on the trails.  I heard on the news today that the pollen counts will be the worst they have ever been this fall for much of the country so I think that means many of us are going to have to suffer through unfortunately.

My run lasted 76 minutes as  I perk up for a Thursday Lake T-bird trail run with my new La Sportiva Quantums.

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