Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BrookHaven Run 7th Place!!!! Lake Thunderbird Trail Hang-Over

With the stress of work, my performance at Brookhaven was less then stellar. I ran 15:30 again which is 5 minute pace and I placed 7th one spot better than last year though I was not near perfect form.  My first k was at 2:58 and I zoomed through a 4:50 mile like it was nothing. I felt nice and relaxed. I knew I had to be patient if I wanted to run well. Jerry pushed with me the whole 3k distance as we began to pick people off. I was surging and still felt great.  At this time, I was in fourth place right on the heels of Rob Sorrel. I was on the move but Rob kept holding me off as I began to draw closer and closer. It was at 4k something just hit me. My chest was heavy and a simple breath was like breathing on the moon.  I had no oxygen entering my strained muscles as I just could not push anymore. It sucked! It sucked to see Jerry pass me, Scott pass me then some random dude right near the line. I felt horrible as I surged all I could to pass this guy at the line but just missed him and tripped over the finish-line as the Kenyan winner, picked me up. It was miserable. I felt like I through away a perfect opportunity to do something great.  I am switching jobs and Ashlee was there to help pick me up. I was sad but she gave me new strength as each day I run, I need to prioritize for the things that we not only make my running career healthy, but to have an overall healthy life in all facets.  Running is important to me but there is no other feeling of being complete when you can come home after a long day and see your family ready to greet you. Ashlee is my strength and I thank you for that sweetheart.

Now the Time to Prepare is in the air. I have trail races to run this fall and winter and I have the ultimate goal of the OKC marathon and Mount Washington again.  I need to run smarter and more importantly, recover smarter to gain back the 8 pounds I have lost in muscle due to not eating enough because of work and the combination of running. I do not know what my next job will be just yet, but I am working on it. I have a chance to work at the Athletic Loft thanks to Pat Proctor, a member I have met at Belmar.

In many ways, I am starting all over again.  I have a new lease on life and it is time to get back to the roots that have made me such a happy person over the years.

Lake Thunderbird was awesome by the way.  Connor and myself ran the back trails which take you to sights such as Dragon's Den and Quadzilla.  Trail running feels so good! I have a strong sense of the trail and how to run it effectively.  Winding up and down the trails going through sand, gravel, rock, and wood planks and bridges give Thunderbird quite a reputation. I love these trails and at 5pm, Connor and myself decided to get lost in the woods. We ran the trails til the sun almost set and ran a grand total of 1 hour 43 minutes and 37 seconds....a total of about 15-16 miles. It was just the type of run to take the mind off of a tough race and to re-calibrate myself back to what drives my passion for running.  Ashlee's parents also came into town and let me tell you it was a blast. I had so much fun OU bar hopping that I kind of wish I had infinite money just so I could bar hop during the day!  It was such a pleasant time with everyone and I am excited about getting back on track.

Monday had a nice and easy run of 65 mins and 10 miles---Out to Athletic Loft and then Eagle Cliff Drive to the Golf Course then back.

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