Friday, September 16, 2011

Rain Makes the Corn Grow----

Image by Goulao

Friday I have ran to the bank and to the post office. I noticed the OU team coming back from a grass track workout.  My OK Runner hat has been a hero of late while in the hot sun and as a mop for the rain and sweat. I really like the old school look to it and heck...running in the rain is sooooo much fun. It seems to never really rain much around here and that sucks!  I love rainy days and when we have a day of rain, I take full advantage of it to run.

I signed up for the GRE today and so I can remind myself of when it is I signed up for October 28 a Friday at 8am but I need to be there at 7:30 am at a test center near Penn Square Mall.  I am excited to further that running career of mine and to get to the next chapter of my life.

I look forward to the future to have a more fulfilling job, a stable running and working career, and to be somewhere that fits well for both Ashlee and myself. Ashlee wants something different and I hope we find a great location to begin the next chapter of our lives together.  Norman is not a bad place to be. The tough bit is that the only jobs available are the ones that people do not want. Belmar outside service seems to be one of those jobs and though I have requested for a much deserved raise...I am skeptical of the club's methods. We both need a change. We need something that will provide great job opportunities, a new cooler climate, mountains to run up, and a community where people live to be happy and do not over-work the weak. Rain is a symbol of cleansing and with the rain comes my hope and optimism for just being treated right!  That is all we ask in life. TREAT US RIGHT!  If I am a better worker than someone else, pay me more or if I am promoted (ashlee) pay us more because that is a move that shows the company cares about the employee and that growth can be achieved.  People take too much for granted in this world and if I have learned anything that is productive, it is that the planet is fragile and if we do not treat it right, well it will come a time for us to suffer. What we are experiencing in the world today is that result of not treating the earth with respect.  If only...

Tomorrow I will run the OK RUn to Defeat Diabetes at the Norman Campus.  I think that any race that finishes on the grass of a College football stadium is pretty sweet so I am going to partake in a nice cool and possibly wet 5k. Sounds like a ball to me!

With my test the 28th, I will miss the Tulsa Run the following day but I have the chance to run in the Oklahoma State Ultra-Running Championships where I could set the 6 hour record and I am going to DO IT!  What A cool Cool record to have as I transition into trail running and potentially some borderline ultras

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