Monday, September 26, 2011

Run With the Dudes!

Sunday was a run of 13 miles with some of the dudes.  We all met at Connor's place then headed off across I-35 to a development that had a sweet little paved trail and a lake. We ran around the lake then headed back. It was a pretty simple run and I felt great the whole time. I enjoyed the run and I felt very good.  This week will begin the real graduate school applications and I am excited about the future with Ashlee and where we will end up.  I am very fit and really ready to run some competitive trail races.  I may not win every fast 5k but 10k and up should be a different story as most of my training has prepared me for the longer distances.  Ashlee and our cats have been doing Great and I am always excited to see what other fun things we can do when we are both at home together.  My father is doing great too and is becoming an ultra-runner too with all his stories of him running to stores and shopping while using his legs as the mode of transportation.  If we all were more conscious of our bodies and about natural locomotion, I think the planet would not be in such dire straights but what can you do when we have all made big mistakes and now we must all face the consequences.

Monday Run---- 76 minutes of allergies, dust, sun, and torture all out on the hills of Rock Creek!

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