Saturday, September 10, 2011

RUNNING , WEDDINGS, StAYing, ERRANDS--Life of a Runner!

My runs have been very consistent this week. I have logged great amounts of mileage and great efforts and even running errands at the bank and to the various other little stores in Norman.  I love using my legs to propel me through the world and to be efficient in the way I run my life.  There is nothing better than getting things done while saving precious gas money that can be used for other purposes.
As the country begins to suffer from the economic downturn, gas prices and the very system of labor that America depends upon is dwindling. With the amount of home foreclosures, loss of jobs, and increase in prices have created a serious issue and inconvenience for the people that have built this nation.  Ashlee and myself had the chance to watch the moving running documentary: Running America which looks at what is means to be American and how something as crazy as running across America is actually really sane in desperate times.  

It takes a film like this to inspire and to showcase the human spirit and the strength one can find while running.  This is one of the major reasons why I do go out and run. Yes, it can be seen as something crazy but in actuality, it is very sane.  I am not only bettering myself but I feel that by going out and mini-expeditions, I am more American than others. I have a very distinct relationship with the area I live in and with the natural landscape that most Americans scratch their heads at.  It is this simple almost primeval sense of feeling like taking a dream and making it a reality.  In running, nothing is given to you as each step is a step towards success.  This locomotion is what drives our very existence, to know that we must always keep pushing on regardless of how bad it hurts.  With everything being crazy in my life, I am optimistic for the things that are solidified: my running, My family, My most incredible girlfriend and future wifey Ashlee Prewitt, and a future that involves fashioning a life where we are in control of our destinies and not the other way around.

Today, Ashlee and myself talked about Graduate school and about leaving Oklahoma to distant lands. Many of the programs that I have interest in are stationed on the east coast and for both Ashlee and myself, it could very well be a most-exciting new adventure.  Maybe we will open a running store together and have that as our business venture while I continue my running career. All I know is that I have the great support of those that love me and that is all I need to make the impossible, POSSIBLE!

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