Thursday, September 15, 2011

Run to the Trailz

Yesterday, I ran to the Trails Golf Club on the far west side of Norman.  It was a nice easy 78 minute run through the neighborhood that outlines the golf course. Let me tell you that if I could live anywhere in Norman, I think it would be there. You have a golf course, you have all very distinct houses and they all look nice. The rolling streets have nice oak trees that provide shade and it really feels like the people that live near the trails have peace and quiet.

My legs are adjusting to the increased work load of high mileage and now that we have a cold front, 55 degrees feels like heaven versus the 100+ degree weather I had been forced to try to acclimate to.  The Trails is a nice club but they have had greens issues with their course so when I arrive at work, I have new members that have left the Trails to play at Belmar. Whether that is good or bad is beside the point that the Trails is in many ways opposite of Belmar. Belmar has not many trees, the Trails has lots of trees. But anyway, it was a good run where I kept pushing along the whole way and maybe even have stretched myself to running 12-13 miles.

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