Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day Off--Rain and the Trail Run with La Sportiva Quantum!!

Today I will be heading to do a nice rainy trail run in Oklahoma. Perfect!  I love the rain and I love to run in it even more.  I ran easy yesterday for 78 minutes and about 12 miles out towards Porter ave and the hilly neighborhoods in that vicinity. Anyways, today is the day I begin to apply for graduate school and I am really looking forward to the Oklahoma National Ultra-trail championships October 22.  I hope I can run over 50 miles in the 6 hours!

Lake Thunderbird was very muddy. So muddy that my black shoes turned a deep red.  I zipped through the vast twists and turns of the gold and blue loops and got sucked down into the muck underfoot.  The run was 13 miles in 1 hour and 27 minutes. I ran fast but the slippery mud mounds found to be difficult as my new La Sportiva Quantums had trouble gripping the trail. Let me tell you about the quantums....These shoes are amazing. The lacing system is perfect as it synchs into the arch of your foot.  The shoe makes running uphill a breeze as the morphodynamic wedges help give your foot the propulsion needed to fly uphill.  The shoe has such a soft feel to the instep and yes the shoe provides similar support to that of the Nike Lunar dynamic control where the shoe's level of stability adapts to each foot-strike. The shoe was never truly tested because of the deep deep deep deep mud but the shoe still never became a big blob of muck and maintained a nice dry and smooth ride.  Overall, I would rate this shoe a 9.5 out of 10 with today's run though this shoe is the real deal. I so want to be on La Sportiva's side because the running shoes they are producing right now are absolutely insane. These shoes are almost too good to be true plus they look cool YES!

I was very happy with today's run. I do not feel sore and I had a great time running in the rain and muck of the Clear Bay Trails.  It was a great challenge and I feel like I am very fit. Fitter than I have ever been.  I am very excited about my trail running career and I hope it to bring great success to me and my family.  

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