Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Springfield College and the Blazing Sun!

These are pictures of Springfield, Massachusetts a potential location for Ashlee and myself for graduate school.  I spent the morning chatting with a graduate advisor from the college and things went very well. I think that Springfield is a place that is a great New England city that is near both the coast and the mountains of Western Massachusetts.

I had a great talk with the graduate advisor at the school for park management and I am excited about the potential opportunities in this area and to finally get to experience something new. I love Oklahoma and think that it is a great place but the jobs in state and national parks do not exist here as many parks cannot even stay open.  I have tried and tried for park jobs here in the state and people tell me they are interested but they do nothing on their end after I place myself out there for them.  So I say, "I'm Moving ON!"  Springfield is a nice New England City and has great proximity to many other great places such as Boston, Hartford, Cape Cod, and the Berkshires!  This school has affiliations with the YMCA and could provide me with a great academic opportunity and I am going to take it! As far as running goes, this is a very diverse area with trails, mountains, ocean running and scenic hilly neighborhoods as Springfield is on the foothills to the Berkshires.

To contrast to Springfield, the run I went on that afternoon was sooooo hot! 100 degrees no thank you!  I was living in the desert again and the sweat all over my body reminded me how much this summer had been devastating!

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