Sunday, September 18, 2011

OU Run for Diabetes 12:51 5k Mix-up And Trip To Austin, TX

First let me say...I had run the fastest 5k ever yesterday in 12:51. The problem: I was lead off course and cut the course and was disqualified because the stupid kids that ride the lead bikes lead me the wrong way. Thanks to disorganization and thanks to not knowing what was going on. Yes, I did not look over the race course perfectly but I thought everything was working out well. But heck, I was on pace for 14:50 and that would have been a nice finish. But oh well. You cannot always win even when you can run fast!

The Road trip to Austin was fun too though the drivers of Texas are by far the worst I have ever encountered in my 22 years alive.  They swerve in front of you, never use turn signals, speed up then slow down to a crawl, and are just rude.  Staying with Aunt Angie was a great time as we karaoked all night long to 2am.  We encountered Longhorn fans that gave us a slight tough time until I told them I was a guido and then it was all good and I met horrible people in Waco that ignored me as gasoline dripped down my leg.  All I wanted to do was to wash my leg but NO, these man working at the gas station just wanted to ignore me.  C'mon! Worst service EVER. I mean I am a human being and I do deserve to be looked at and taken care of. People just aggravate me and I know all the driving for Ashlee was very stressful too. When it was all said and done, I was so thankful to be back in Oklahoma.

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