Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Mayhem!!!!

I worked a nice shift at the golf club today. I ran a nice run in 50 degree weather up through Main Street in downtown Norman all the way up the I-35 corridor.  I really wanted to deposit my pay checks and bonus checks but constant traffic flow at Bank of America really got on my nerves so I just ran back home and got in a nice 1 hour and 28 minutes and about 14 miles! It may be more since once I saw the line at the bank, I began to pick it up quite a bit.

Yesterday was an off day for me as I went Christmas shopping with my girlfriend, Ashlee for 6 hours!  We went to the local mall in Norman and boy was everything packed with people! If anyone knows Ashlee, she hates globs of people and this mall was pushing not only her buttons but my own too!  After walking for what seemed like a marathon, we relaxed at home with many presents in hand which was awesome and tomorrow we get to see Ashlee's family for Christmas and then my father comes into town and we begin our trip to Nashville, TN where the parks there are awesome and I am going to have some great running this holiday there!

Sunday---74 mins and 35 seconds. RUn to 48th and Cedar Lane
Monday---80 mins and 36 seconds...Run in the pounding rain off on 36th and Tecumseh

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