Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Got Into SUNY Cortland!!!!!!

I went for a run in the rain  67 minutes to the Bank of America so I could do some christmas shopping. When I arrived back from the run,  I decided to check my mail box and to my surprise, there was a letter stating that I had been accepted into the Graduate Program for Park Management!!!!  I was in shock!  Just like when I received my letter of acceptance to OU 5 years ago, I was so ecstatic and I thank everyone that has helped me in my journey leading up to this moment!

Here are some sights and sounds of Cortland NY...courtesy of the SUNY Cortland website

Monday---Run with best bud Connor!  We talked an ran around the OU campus for about an hour perhaps closer to 70 minutes or 10 miles!  Connor is looking into Medical School at man y of the Ivy Leagues and it was fun to talk about the potential future.  Life is very miraculous how it all works out.  Patience is the key and persistence is a must!

Tuesday---Long run of 82/13.5-14 miles minutes out on Cedar Lane and then 36th SE out towards Noble, Ok. The weather here in Norman is cloudy with damp misty rain. I began the run with my rain-jacket but soon took it off as the temperatures began to rise into the 50's. The golf course at the Links of Norman is coming along as a course and it was interesting to see a long man playing the course as I was running by him! It was a nice easy run where I just went at my usual pace.  After finding out that I have been accepted into a great graduate program, I feel very proud to know that all of my hard work and persistence has paid off!

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