Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On Top of Old Rocky Top!

Nashville, Tennessee is quite a place. I have always enjoyed spending my Christmas holiday there to see my family and to run up and down some steep hills!  Percy Warner Park and Edwin Warner Park are running safe-havens.  You have over 30 miles of  long winding roads that traverse the Tennessee hills and great technical trails that make any runner break a sweat.  My father, Grandmother and my lovely girlfriend, Ashlee, all packed up our belongings and made the long trek to Springfield, MO to pick up my grandmother then off to Nashville.  I ran at both Springfield, MO twice and Nashville three times as each run out there helps to show that my mountain running skills are improving.

I have always used the steep inclines at Percy Warner Park as a gauge for my ascent fitness and overall fitness.  If I can survive a run at this park, I can run up any steep incline and perform. I ran through great woods and had the best Christmas ever. It was Ashlee's first Christmas with my family and it was a memorable one.  We ate and slept and ate and then played pool, then ate then napped then it was the next day and we did this again and again.

I ran the trails of Nashville well and discovered a new trail system in Springfield, Mo located off of the Galloway greenway bike path, which is a popular recreation spot for the locals. It was amazing!

I now have an awesome tent, a Petzl headlamp, some winter running tights and shirts, some super sweet gray gloves from a company called Koppen which is in-partnership with Dicks Sporting Goods, and of course Dion Snowshoes!

It was such a great time!

I was able to run anywhere from 65 mins to 1 hour and 40 mins and I was able to keep my mileage right where I want it!

Here are some photos taken from Google Images to highlight the places I got to see on my journey.  Compliments to the photographers of these images!

Springfield, Mo Galloway Greenway Trail

Percy Warner Park Grand Staircase 1k of sheer uphill FUN!
Running through Percy Warner Park!

As Good As It Gets AT Percy Warner Park!

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