Friday, December 30, 2011

DRAPER LAKE And the Working Weekend!

Thursday*Run To Draper Lake--60 mins and 8 or so miles--Ran with Connor and my Dad before he had to board a plane back to New Jersey. The morning was cool and crisp and was loads of fun to be out somewhere I have not been to in a long time and it was so peaceful and nice.  Draper Lake and Lake Thunderbird are running meccas in Oklahoma. These two parks are all you need in order to trail run here and can provide great training and mental gains.

Friday*Run out by Cedar Lane and Eagle Cliff Homes and ran on an old golf course---77 minutes and about 12.5 miles!

Saturday--New Year's Eve!!!!!---Run in the dark!  75mins 10 secs. The run felt like I was in a dream world since no one was out on the roads.  The wind was gusting maybe 50mph as the tree tops looked like they were going to break and the power-lines looked shaky too. Pretty scary experience but still a decent run!

Sunday---Off---R&R after working at Embassy Suites!

Monday---Nice long run out on Alameda! I ran over to 72nd street and then my favorite little new housing development that has a hilly tree-lined road that blocks the wind. It was majestic as I saw 5 bald eagles hovering over the skies! It was so amazing to really feel connected to nature like that. There are times when you run and you end up somewhere so peaceful and in-sync with the natural environment that you loose grasp of reality and this world of nature IS REALITY.  I get so mad when I see great natural land being overtaken by development. It just ruins my peace of mind. I was able to log about 83 minutes and 14-15 miles of running!

Tuesday--I ran in the morning before running errands with Ashlee. I headed out for an urban run out along Porter Ave out towards Moore, OK.  I ran to the nice neighborhoods off before Tecumseh and then headed back. I wore my amazing new HIND thermal bright yellow running top and my Zoot Running 3/4 tights and the run was nice. My foot hurts a little from the loose footing from yesterday and  I just need to rest up my ankle for my next push in training for the big racing season that begins for me Feb 4th!  HIND, by the way is an amazing company. They do not charge a lot for their products and the quality is superb.  I have a pair of running tights from Hind that have lasted me since 9th grade and they fit like a glove and have withstood the test of time and tough laundering!  If that does not express longevity I don't know what could. Anyway, check out Hind's new running gear that comes with 40 SPF in the material and their thermal ware is really light and warm!

Total run time was 72 minutes and 11.65 miles!

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