Sunday, December 4, 2011


Long run of 82 minutes out on 36th street out towards Noble Oklahoma. More hills as always and the cool north breeze sure makes a boy work hard while running uphill.  Tons of mud from the rain yesterday and so I must clean my shoes big-time.  Now to the story:

When I am running, I am compelled by the idea of directions. I run out in a direction and usually come back a slightly different path then the one I initially went out in.  Running is all about direction. It is about finding direction in your life and just going for it.  Running is the purest form of release as you indulge your senses in that of the outside natural world.  As athletes, us runners pick races that will challenge our direction and give us new course.  We succeed and we try harder challenges, we fail, and then we are faced with working on finding the right methods to succeed.  That is what life is all about.... Finding direction and then steering its course.  We change our direction all the time just like mid-run but somehow find ourselves back to where we belong, home!

Wednesday---80 minute run on Lindsey out towards 60th ave. I ran up the hills to a small interior wooded development and ran a few loops up and down there before making the nice trek back home!  You gotta love the nice cool days as today warmed up to 45 degrees but the wind always makes it 5-10 degrees cooler.  The holiday spirit has gotten ahold of me as I am sooo ready for Christmas shopping and I am excited to see what I can end up getting for all my loved ones this year!

Monday---Run in 34/22 degree temps in Windy Oklahoma!  Ran to the bank and then out on Sutton Wilderness trails.  It was cold and windy and lucky for my sub-zero Pearl Izumi tights, I would have been toast in this weather without them!  Just a nice easy run of 71 minutes just to waken up my legs for another week. I am excited for the holidays and each year I get older, the holidays really begin to mean more and more to me.

Tuesday---It is cold yet again more of the same 20's feel outside.  And that wind eats up your soul.  I ran to Sutton again today but ran numerous loops through the trails here.  Then I ran by a Walden Dry cleaners and maybe might try to pick up some hours there.  They are looking to hire and the place is only a mile if that maybe half a mile from our house. I could run there and save tons of gas money.  The run went by really fast as I finished a nice 76 minute run knowing I had gone on an adventure as small snow flakes fill the air!

Wednesday---Nice run out along East Lindsey as I made many loops through the neighborhoods and I was able to run 82 minutes of effort!

Thursday---Nice run with Scott out at Lake Thunderbird. We ran the shoreline for a long while and it was awesome!  Felt great and the run brought about the idea to try and run the entire coast of Lake Thunderbird or at least as much as we possibly can!  80 mins in the books and it was a great morning as we only saw 1 car the whole entire run!

Friday---I ordered a fleece Dion Snowshoe hat and was pleasantly surprised with two of them and some decals!  What a great treat!  Ashlee is at work until 7 so I better make that apartment look sparkling clean for her so she thinks I am a handyman!  Let me tell you, women love a man who is handy with housework!  76 minutes and 41 seconds of a run over by Grant and Shay's house in the country!  Ran up and down the hills like a true professional. Kilian Jornet would have been very scared to see the way I was effortlessly flying up the inclines!  Cold-ish kind of run but I love it when it is cold! I also kicked a beer can out of the road into a knocked-over trash can...I call it my civil duties!

Saturday----Nice easy long run of 81 minutes and 36 seconds.  I was flying along out by the Westwood Golf Course and then I trekked back along the neighborhoods of Norman back home to East Norman.  Just a simple maintenance run where I was not killing myself too much and just ran and went a little sight-seeing. There was a lot of traffic in town today as people are going Christmas shopping!  I am planning on doing the same today! I love the holiday season!

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