Thursday, December 15, 2011

I am in With Acidotic!!!!!!!!

I have been accepted as a member of Acidotic Racing, an elite group of individuals that pride themselves at competing in some of the hardest forms of outdoor exercise.  Some of the sports are snowshoe, mountain biking, trail running, mountain running, adventure racing, triathlons, iron-mans and many more. It is a great pleasure to be apart of this team and I am so excited to compete and represent Team Acidotic! Thank you Chris for the approval and I say "Thank you team members and lets have ourselves a great year of racing in 2012!"

To Celebrate, I am going to embark on a nice 2 hour run since yesterday I was able to only run 30 minutes before I worked both of my jobs for 14 hours. So, with a day off, it is time to run free!  I went on a nice long run and was able to log 2 hours and 15 mins.  I ran out towards Route 9 and just kept going up and down.  Oklahoma weather can change in an instant as just in those 2 hours, the weather went from the 40's to high 50's and sunshine back to the low 30's and scary dark storm clouds overhead.  The craziness never ceases to amaze me.

Not to mention my cat sheered my MacBook Charger so my laptop may be out of commission for awhile before Christmas but hey, I guess that gives me an excuse to check my emails at work right?

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