Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Let The HOlidays BEGIN!!!!

Run out at Lake Thunderbird with the Daddy Oh!  Ran and the shoreline and just laughed the whole time. Elapsed time say 35-40 mins and mileage...not much but enough.

I am feeling a little run-down so today was a nice recovery day to try and rest and pump up my immune system so I can run really hard at Percy Warner Park in Nashville, TN.

Tomorrow, Thursday, I am looking to run 2 hours and some rolling terrain and then work and then the 5 hour drive to pick up the grandmother in Springfield, MO!

Thursday's Run I was caked in mud as I slogged through the muck and ended up on Cedar Lane and was able to run about 85 minutes and about 15 miles!  A nice run and though I feel congested, I am strong and able to run well!

Photo From Taste of

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