Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Running Wild!

Wednesday---74 minute tempo run where last 5 miles averaged 5:33 a mile! Ran to the bank then off around the OU campus and along Berry Road! Great run and it was very warm with temps near 60!

Thursday---Ran out along East Lindsey caught some hills and ran along 48th street! A nice cool morning that turned hot really fast as my dress for 30's soon became too much for the late 50's at the conclusion of my hill run. I love hills simply because they pose a challenge and if you can learn the technique of how to effectively run uphill, you can succeed when many other competitors falter.

Friday---I stopped in at Backwoods and was pleased to find a great goody bag of running gear and equipment that will come in very handy for my next series of trail races.  Thank you Pam and everyone at Backwoods for partnering up!

What was in this goody bag you ask?

Let me begin with the Smartwool Running sock. That is right,

SmartWool PhD Running Socks - Ultra Light Cushion!!! These socks are not only nice and light, but well cushioned and could work with any kind of gym routine, trail run, or long hike.  They seemed to be like little wool sheep on my feet that were extremely breathable and easy to run in.  These are a terrific pair of socks for any of those that want a cushioned but breathable alternative to normal dri-fit socks!

I also received a Headsweats hat from Backwoods and let me tell you Headsweats is an amazing hat company that makes the lightest running hats on the market and they have a great terry-cloth inner brim that sweeps up sweat! While running in the Midwest, a running hat is a crucial piece of equipment for those sweltering hot summer days and even in the wintertime when there is a day with wide open sunny skies and plenty chance to pick up some excess sun.  The headsweats hat not only looks cool, but is cool for the head providing essential ventilation and circulation to all the right spots.

Thank you Backwoods for being so awesome and I look forward to bringing home the victory at the White Rock 50k.

I tested out my new gear today with a 15 mile run to Belmar Golf Club where the nice 68 degree day gave me a chance to use my hat and my new wool socks! Great hills and a strong run for one day.  Now it is time to rest and recover for a busy weekend at work!

(Images Courtesy of Google Images Search Smartwool Running Socks and Headsweats)

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