Thursday, July 28, 2011

Long Run with the Dudes!!!

1 hour and 40 mins...Doughnuts...a good pace...shade and we beat the heat!  I will take running at 7am everyday I think.

Scott, Connor and myself all headed out along 36th street and we were greeted by water, shade and some fun stories.  I wish Connor the best of luck with his hike and I think the Riverside 5000 will be a fun race!

I have not run as long as I did in a couple weeks as I did today and I thank my fellow OK runner cohorts for putting in the work.  I still wish Norman had more trees but that is from a Jersey boy so you cannot take all of what I say to heart.  Though running on the hills by 7 means we get some nice shade and finish just as the sun is ready to boil our bodies!

Things to do: Head to OK runner

Buy a hydration bottle from Backwoods

Clean the apartment
See Libby

Watch Inception!

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