Friday, July 8, 2011

Run to the Bank, Run to Work

I am so tired of running around. I did a nice group run with the OK runner squad last night on the OU trails and it felt real good but what gets me is that  I was sleepy this morning and then I go run to the bank at 9:30 am and get back at 11 to realize that on Fridays we need someone to come into work at 12 and that is always me. SO what was planned to be a slow day of chores such as buying toilet paper, doing laundry and the dishes has now become a frantic race to make it to work and to ensure I eat something before I work my butt off for 10 hours!

This week I will average 77-82 miles for the week which is not terrible but could be higher. My level of fitness can handle 90 mile weeks but it has been hard with the temperatures and the constant grind working does to you.

Anyway I ran both 70 minutes total these days which is 11 miles or so.

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