Monday, July 18, 2011

A new CAT!

So I now can say I am the proud owner of a new cat named Libby for Libra named after my zodiac sign.  We picked her up yesterday and she is the sweetest little thing imaginable. She loves to sleep, play, cuddle, explore and defend herself from our other cat Nollie who has not become accustomed yet to the new guest.

Saturday's run was short and consisted of a 40 minute tempo where  I would hit 5 mins on and 5 mins off where the on sections were at around 5:30 a mile and the off sections at about 6:30s.

Sunday was a nice 80 minute run to deposit may pay-check across town as I trucked it all across Norman to the Bank of America on West Main. It has been so hot and muggy here that it takes so much out of you to run even 20 minutes.

Monday which is today I ran and dropped off a netflix movie then headed on East Lindsey by the hills and ran out that way until   I could not handle the pummeling sun any more.  72 minutes did the trick now it is time to hang out with the cats and work on house work.

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