Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Running Recap for the End of July 2011

I have not been able to tack on all of my runs on my blog but I have been able to acclimatize to the heat here in Oklahoma. I can go run in 100 degree weather and still feel okay which has taken me a couple months but I have finally made it!

I still want to train on more hilly sections but it can be hard when that sun is right there beating on you to get in a nice long run and especially when a water fountain or a church with water may not come up for another 3-5 miles.  I need to find a running water bottle that I have somewhere in my Condo and use it!  Overall, I have been running well getting in my 65-90 minutes of exercise everyday and that is awesome in this heat.  With work, it is hard for me to run twice which would also be the solution in hot weather but I cannot afford that so I must go into every run knowing I am going to be out there for a long time. My fitness continues to improve and I look forward to racing in August.

August 13th---- Riverside 5000m in Tulsa, OK

Sept 3rd---Brookhaven Run (5k)----Norman, OK

Sept 10th----Do Wacka Do Trails Run (25k)---Erick, Oklahoma

These are the races I am eager to run next! Wish me luck and I look forward to giving everyone more insight on my exploits!

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