Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sky Running and the Man Kilian Jornet--Lake T-Bird Run

Tuesday I ran a nice  campus loop and I feel like  I am finally getting used to the warm Oklahoma summer climate.  I make sure I eat enough and hydrate properly and then I continue to hydrate along the way. I ran 70 minutes and trekked 11 miles.  The run was not very eventful but it was the first step in the right direction.

Today's run was special! I decided that I wanted something different so I drove to Lake Thunderbird on the Alameda side.  I parked at 84th street where the bridge into the Lake begins and headed out along the various side-roads along the park.  I think I have found my new resurgence with running again.  I felt great running up vast hills and it is so nice to run hills and to have shade all around you.  Norman Police training was going on and I received much love from the PD.  I hit the docks when I felt hot and splashed some cool lake water on me and I continued running.  It was amazing how great the shade made me feel!  I really felt like a new man as I pushed along and was able to run 75 minutes and 11.5 miles or so of a great effort. Then before work I have been looking at the most incredible mountain runner I have ever seen: Kilian Jornet. This guy from Spain has run up Mount Olympus and Kilimanjaro to name a few and I really think he is something special. And I have learned that sky running is ascent running where you run up steep mountain ranges and it seems like something I might try one day soon.

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