Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Weekend That Was

SO I have run here and there this weekend as for once I had it off. I had an awesome Lake THunderbird run to begin the weekend as we headed to fayetteville, Arkansas because I am looking to potentially go to graduate school there.

Saturday I did not run because of the travel and the swimming and water fun at a small water park in Alma, Arkansas with Ashlee's sisters.  And plus we had the chance to check out Dickson Street which was awesome. So many bars in such a short stretch.  I was amazed how there was a bar for every type of person.

That next morning I woke up and ran all around The Razorback campus and let me tell you I could see myself doing some incredible mountain and hill training there.  Right off of campus  I could run on a tree-lined small road and run to the top of the Ozark Mountains and then back down.  The campus already sits at about 1 thousand or so feet above sea-level and even the temperature there was more tolerable than OK.

I was Able to run by the Hog stadium which sits on a hill side.

Let me tell you that Fayetteville is beautiful with the Ozark Mountains and a quaint town of Fayetteville which reminds me of Norman.  There are great running trails in the area and the parks are so legit.
After the run and breakfast. We spent the afternoon in Devil's Den State Park.  This park was great even though it was super hot like upper 90's, the shade helped to cool things off.  Bats are what make Devils's Den famous and the trails should too.  I really enjoyed our trip and potentially look forward to going back sometime soon when it is cooler.

Once I have been back I have run 85 minutes on the hills of Norman on tues and a 35-40 minute slog in the heat of the day on Monday where 104 temperatures are certainly enough to make you go slow.

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