Monday, October 31, 2011

Run with Connor and Crew

Managed a nice 5 mile run plus probably about 4-5 extra miles which totals in the 9-10 mile range. We went nice and easy which was what the doctor ordered after I have logged 2 very long and fast days and felt considerably sore!

To comeback from the run with Connor and company, I had my first Monday off in a long ancient time!  I felt a little tired from the GRE weekend and my pace started out lagging. I dropped off some mail at a local mailbox then trekked up and down some nice hills up to 84th street.  The pace quickened as I inched myself along throughout the run.  I feel so relieved to have finished the GRE and now have a new found lease on life.  Everything means more to me now as I feel like I finally have more time to think and reflect rather than just to react to the events that have occurred this past month.  I have the new interest in snowshoe running if I move with the cats and Ashlee to a region where there is snow in winter.  Last winter I thought I could run through the snow with no snow shoes and paid the price as 6 inches of snow became 2 feet as snow-drifts made my hopeful 5 minute pace slow to about 5:40's. Still not bad for running in adverse conditions.  Monday, Today's run consisted of me logging 81 minutes and probably 13 miles. I had a nice rhythm the last 5 miles and probably was moving close to sub 6.

My next race will be November 12th in Norman at the Backwood's Pinecone Classic.  Last year I won the race in a great time of 14:51 and hope to build on that time and maybe run a little faster.  The hard work is pretty much over with and now it is time to just enjoy life and the great people in it!

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