Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Busy Times!!!!

Tuesday---65 minute run in tons of wind at Belmar Golf Club

My other runs have been nice since we finally have fall weather here in Norman.  I can go run in the morning and it is nice and cool and Thursday I ran out by the lake and temps were near 37 degrees with rain. It was awesome to wear gloves and the whole shebang including some new calf warmers that are awesome!

Because of the GRE test that I have just finished, it has been a challenge to run over 75 minutes or the equivalent of 12 miles so my weekly mileage should be around 80 but today which is a lovely Friday, I am ready to go a little longer than normal!

Friday was a nice long run!  I ran out on Cedar Lane and headed towards Noble. It was a nice evening run! It was a long one with 1 hour and 29 minutes logged!

Saturday, I ran out to Noble again but this time on Route 77. I felt fast in the dark and sadly ripped a nice whole in my running shoes!!!  Hopefully some duck tape can solve my dilemma! 1 hour and 26 minutes in the books.

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