Sunday, October 2, 2011

On the Road to the Oklahoma Ultra 6 hour

Saturday and Sunday were both nice runs that have allowed for me to get used to using a hydration bottle and waist-belt.  I have never run over 2 and a half hours before but I am placing the challenge on myself to run 6 hours and hopefully set a record at the event to run over 45 miles and hopefully 50 miles in the 6 hours.  The race is a 2 mile trail loop in Oklahoma City and I look forward to testing my strength in endurance running. This will be my first crazy attempt at such a feat but I have a innate feeling I will love the distance.

In running today, the marathon and trail running are the two largest growing branches in running.  And Ultra running is becoming a huge outlet for people.  For a long race, hydration and fueling will be key and getting used to a fuel belt and water bottle will be critical to my success.  I will hope to average 7:30 minute pace for six hours which is a 3:15 long marathon. I think that  this pace will be in a great zone for success.  I not only hope to run well but also fast to push the limits of Oklahoma ultra-trail racing.  On saturday I ran for 87 minutes and Sunday a total of 69 minutes.
Ashlee is going to work a second job and I am nervous she will miss out on a lot of Cole time and precious sleep.  Graduate school applications are on the horizon and I think both of us are feeling the pressure.  The schools I am looking into for Park Management are: SUNY Cortland, West Virginia University, Springfield College, University of Arkansas, and University Wisconsin at La Crosse.  All these schools have mountains in there own regard and boast great trails and recreation opportunities.  I hope I can land a great sponsor in La Sportiva or Inov 8 as both these companies provide trail runners great shoes and apparel and gear.  Ashlee today made some bean soup which was awesome and helped to keep my stomach nice and full.

I am so eager for cooler temperatures that 50's and 60's feel like heaven and even cooler 80's and 70's feel too hot for me.  Oklahoma is hot and that sun just eats away at you. The natural landscape is beautiful here with its lush grassland plains out on the east-side of town where there is great rolling hills but I am ready to take my running and academics to a new level. I need more mountainous terrain that I can build my endurance on and because that is where I would like to be a park manager of. Mountainous parks provide spectacular views and great winding trails.

I love my family: my cats Nollie and Libby, My father, Chuck and Ashlee my dream girl.  They all help me every step of the way and I hope my running can help to inspire those that dream of reaching beyond their own limitations.

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