Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Life is a RaceTRACK!!!!!!!

So What does that mean?  Well, please let me explain...

Friday:  75 minute run

Saturday:  87 minute run

Sunday:::: 3 inches of rain I ran through....76 minutes and wet soggy clothes

Monday:  40 minutes after running around a golf course and working 12 hours

Tuesday::: 73 minutes with slight hills

Wednesday and Thursday saw nice runs along trails. One run at Sutton Wilderness and the other at Lake Thunderbird!

I have been soooo busy I just have not had time to elaborate on my long runs.  Friday which is today, I ran a nice 71 minutes around OU and am excited that I have my debit card back after identity theft. I am having a nice birthday weekend and my big race is coming up!

My running idol of late is Ryan Sandes who is an ultra stage trail runner who makes running with a backpack look super cool. This guy has made running awesome with his historic 4 Deserts Win which has inspired me to run the 4 deserts race series and the many other Race the planet races.  I mean who wouldn't find Nepal or China or the Sahara to be a cool destination. Yeah I would be running in some of the worst environments in the world but heck that is what runners strive to do, make the impossible, possible.  I am hoping I can peak the interests of Inov8, a super duper cool trail running company and maybe inspire them to help in support for the 4 Deserts series to potentially top Ryan Sandes' epic performance.  Inov8 does have some sweet running backpacks that could help me reach my ultimate goal and I know that with a strong support system (wink), I am golden.

(Photo taken from SA Trader.com)

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