Monday, October 3, 2011

The Run To the Bank--Efficiency at Its Finest!

Running to the bank across town has become my staple errand run where I take all the errands that need to be completed for either myself or Ashlee and then  I got out on foot and get these tasks done in record time.  
Running to the bank can be a challenge. In Norman, Bank of America is on West Main street and I live as far east on Main street as you can before you reach the farm-roads in Norman.  The run is about 3.25-3.5 miles depending on the route.  But let me tell you why running errands can be so efficient.  The trick is that with driving a car, you have bad drivers and stop lights. Did you know that people spend about two weeks out of there lives at traffic lights(from That is a bunch of time!  So why waste that time waiting at a light and why not just bypass all the lights all together? That is right, as a runner you have the ability to navigate a course that eliminates many of the lights for traffic or you just wait at maybe one light and potentially 30 seconds pass by then you are back on your way. As traffic begins to grow and grow in Norman, Oklahoma, I worry about driving and getting places.  Thankfully, I have trusty feet that can propel me to the various locations I would like to head to.  Today I PR in the bank run with a time of 20 minutes and 36 seconds to the bank which is a 34 second PR.  Not bad in a days work. I got out of work later than usual with the Golf tournament so  I had to stuff my face with food then hustle to the bank before 4 to deposit the tips I made the previous week. I left my place at 3:30 and made it to the bank at 3:50 with ten minutes to spare.  

It is a great thing to have your feet as an alternative and though it was hot out here today, I managed a nice run of 72 minutes.  I love walking into the bank and sweating it out in the hot Oklahoma sun where people look at me like I am CRIMINALLY INSANE! The truth is  I am getting a nice workout in, saving time wasted driving, and I am pushing the limits of being a true ANIMAL. Not many people have the guts to run after a work day half-way across town to the bank but I love it. I love looks on people's faces when they see a sun-drenched skinny boy who has run like the wind.  Anyway, my rambling is coming to a close.  It is October and time for crunch time.

GRE--October 28th

Oklahoma Ultrarunning Champs---Oct 22

My 23rd Birthday--October 20


Graduate School Apps--All Month Long!

In other words it is a busy month for me but it will be all worth it in the end!

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