Thursday, October 20, 2011

Running Running Running---Cool Weather?

So I ran yesterday as the cold front pushed on in. The temps were in the 80's then dipped into the 60's. All in 75 minutes of running. I ran by the OU campus and bolted onto Berry Road and then down the tree-lined streets to the back-side of campus and ran over by the Jimmie Austin golf course.  It was a nice comfortable run except for the 30 mph headwinds.

Today, I ran some hills out on East Lindsey and ran to the weather tower high atop of the hills.  It was a nice run especially being able to wear gloves and a dri-fit shirt for once.  40's-50's is such nice running weather and I am amazed we finally have some nice cool weather.  I run my big race this weekend as 6 hours at 7 minute pace should keep me well in front of the competition. I hope that as I recap my race experience I can tell you that I was able to win the event and hopefully get some notable recognition for the run.

Wednesday--I ran out on the OU XC course for a couple loops to help get into the right mind-frame for running numerous trail loops. The loops at the course are 2k so a little bit longer than the 2 mile loops that I will be running at the Bluff Creek course.  My fitness is there and all I need at this point is the fuel to prepare myself for a long trek of 6 hours. I hope the event does have some grilled cheese sandwiches because that would mean I could run a loop snack while on the go, then snack some more. Belmar has trained me well for eating on the go. I often times snack on the go there and that makes my transition into this form of running work out and not sound too bad. This run for today lasted about 76 minutes as the cold is really here with winter lows and nice balmy 50-60's. Let me tell you it feels incredible! From a summer that saw temperatures in the 110's consistently, I am so grateful I can be outside and not feel like I am on the verge of death.

Thursday---I am going to run some errands to the bank, to drop off a movie at Hastings and then I will celebrate my birthday getting myself some snacks and our house some groceries and a light for my car and then maybe mail off some Springfield college applications for Graduate School!

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