Thursday, April 4, 2013

Warming up sometime soon????

The weather has made a turn for the worse with cold windy days though this week of April, there should be a gradual warm-up. The sun has been shinning through for once which is a nice change of pace. I look forward to the warmer weather and getting ready for the summer racing season.

Ithaca NY run--Out to Cayuga Medical. I did a nice night run as the sun was setting as I headed uphill. I ran through a neighborhood before diverting onto the busier 2 lane road where Cayuga Medical Center was located. I had wonderful views of Cayuga Lake way on top of a ridge line and ran through the vast labyrinth of the medical center's parking.  I encountered an amazing waterfall on the side of the busy road which was quite a sight to see. Once darkness fully hit, I headed back sprinting downhill straight into the downtown.  Ithaca is one of those places that is not huge by any means but has so many hidden places to run that I know I will never find all of them.  74 minutes and 11.45 miles in and a nice workout where my legs felt fresh and ready to go!

Thursday April 4, 2013---Run in the sun with my highschool Cortland buddy Chris.  We ran a simple loop out through Homer then to the Tully Lakes and then back. A solid 10-11 miles plus my 1 mile jaunt there and back which equates to a solid 12-13 miles for the day. The lovely mid-40 degree weather plus the sun made it feel amazing.  It was so nice outside and I was able to really get after it on my mile run back.  My body is feeling well-rested and fit and I am truly ready to run fast in a month.  So far so good!

Friday after work as the sun was setting, I headed out along route 366 towards Varna.  Ian had told me of a spot to head to that had a trail system to it.  I crossed into the Cornell Arboretum section which had a nice gravel path that winded up and down along the little ponds and lakes.  I hit a very sweet trail system as the darkness was starting to hit. The trail was much smoother than the standard rugged rooty Cortland trail. With my Mammut Trail headlamp lighting the way, I flew through the single-track and ended up along the small hamlet of Varna.  I ran out on Forest drive out in the woods.  Forest Drive is actually a kind of scary road at night, as the calm of the woods makes you feel like you are lost on this long road in the woods, just you and the silence of the night.  I kept trucking it to the first bridge into the back-side of the Cornell campus.  I found some amazing trail sections lit at night right along Cornell and it was great to see such a blend of campus and woodsy trail system come together.  I hit many hills, ran fast and then headed back through all the crazy party scene that is the Collegetown campus on Friday night.  I made it back to the car and was done. 80 minutes and 12.5 miles or so. I had a spurt of some fast 5:40s and finished downhill which can make those times seem even quicker.

Saturday---April 6th---Run out along Buttermilk Falls State park on the Treman Lake trail. I woke up early and headed out to Ithaca.  I parked my car at the usual spot on Giles street and headed up South Hill towards Buttermilk.  I ran nice and relaxed as the cool morning air was being warmed up by the warm sun.  I must say that it is wonderful having the sun around.  I entered the park along the trails by Treman Lake.  I entered the main park road as the morning was nice and crisp.  I saw a few people walking their dogs and proceeded on a grand adventure.  The rush of the waterways was pure "Ithaca".  It was such a therapeutic experience.  I settled into a nice pace and then saw the falls. They cascaded like something grandiose  and powerful. The rush of the water was deafening and  I stopped at the top only to find a "WARNING--Trail closed due to unstable footing" at the top blocking the entrance to the falls.  I then caught a trail that was at the top of the trail and ran up the rooty and steep hills of the park.  I envisioned myself running the Cayuga Trails 50 with Mackey, McDougal and Sage.  I know my training as of late has me feeling stronger than ever and I truly feel like I can run with the best because I have earned that right as being one of the best. I just have not raced against such top competition to prove my worth yet.  This race will be as such.  I flew through the trails like a wild panther as people walking their pets looked at me in awe that such a kid could fly through such rugged terrain with such flow.  It was a great long run of 90 minutes.  I looped the run through the Gorge Trail and then up on the ridge near Home Depot and shot down the hill-side back onto 13 then back to the car.

Google Image picture of the Falls

Picture of the bridge--Google image

Sunday---Windy hill run up into Mcgraw and back through more high hills.  86 minutes

Monday---More hills out along East River Road then up along Ames Road with more hills. Ran really strong and solid today. I also felt really good. Energy levels were solid and the warm weather is finally here.  50's, 60's are here and they feel great! The sun is shining and the weather is great for spring running!  Really looking forward to the rest of the week!

Check out the link on Mammut's new trail line!

Link to video coverage of the Syracuse Half Marathon---I am the guy in the bright yellow!

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