Tuesday, April 30, 2013

TIme Sure Goes On By

Already we are a day away from May!  The summer is almost here and I cannot even believe it!

Tuesday April 30 run----Out along Highway 11 to the hills to Mcgraw.  I took Ridge Road up to South Hill Road which is all straight uphill.  I took it easy today in terms of my pace as I have put in a ton of quality efforts the last few days.  I ran about 72 minutes in total. It was a little chilly and windy this morning with temps in the 40's but soon warmed up to 50's.  School is winding down and I cannot wait for the Summer in Upstate New York. Normally, I slightly dread the heat in summer but New York is so mild that it is going to be lovely.  I hope to hike, see the Adirondacks, do a wine tour, race, relax, hang out with family and Ashlee, camp, everything and anything that involves sight-seeing and hanging outside. It is going to be a fun summer!

Wed---Ithaca/Binghamton store day. I woke up early in the morning and ran about 40 minutes then called to make sure I could get a spot for the Great Adirondack Trail run.  Then I headed to Ithaca to work a long 11 hour day.  We were able to get the Binghamton store a little more organized and hope to open in the next 2 weeks is the goal.

Thurs May 2----Nice 76 minute run up along the hills of Albany Road then looped back along 13 back home. THe sun was out and I was sweating it out pretty solid but I managed a nice solid pace in my Hokas and continued with periodic pace changes.  On some climbs I would sprint 85% effort until my body tired then I would slow the pace, then at other times up a slight climb I would start easy then work my way into a hill sprint.  On the downhills, I did the same.  Some downhills, I flew and others I jogged down fairly easily.  I feel that using the natural terrain to test the body is a great training system. Every run I change paces and focus on different elements.  I feel that this form of training allows for the body to adapt and grow in a variety of different ways. Why just run on the track or a flat road. Why not incorporate different efforts and obstacles to allow for the body to grow and when a race course involves tough challenges from technical terrain, heat, cold, steep pitches, fast competition, personal fatigue, how do you react?

Sunday, I will be racing the Tom B Trail race the 26k at Hammond Hill State Forest. I hope to roll to a course record and will be my first chance to race in my Mammut MTR apparel and equipment.  It will be a wonderful day weather-wise so I hope I can run nice and quick.  26k is an odd distance.  13k= 10k-6.2 miles + 3k which is almost 2 miles so each loop will be 8.2 miles. You multiply that by 2 and you have a 16 mile course which will be fun!

Friday,  May 3---Long day of work at the Finger Lakes Running Store.  I laced up the shoes and off I went out along 89 towards the falls.  I have just realized that the falls are like 10 miles away and with all the pollen out there,  I just could not muster a 20 miler today. I did make it past the Glenwood Pines Restaurant and though I had a pollen headache the majority of the run, I did feel a little better for running.  The climb up to Glenwood Pines is slow and gradual with lovely view of Cayuga Lake to the right and little waterfalls to the left.  The weather was so lovely as the sun was setting and the shade from the tree cover made it a perfect Finger Lakes kind of day.  I was able to run about 84 minutes but my pace was slow today.  I needed the rest in preparation for my first trail race of the year at Tom B. I hope to run a course record and to really get a smoking pace going.  My goal is to average around 5:40-6 minutes a mile through the technical trail course for the 26k so we will see what the day brings but I have it all mapped out in terms of my loop splits. If I can run my second 13k faster than my first 13k, I should be just fine. I do not know what competition will be at the race but often there is one other pretty solid racer that gives me a run for it.  It will be a great race and I look forward to testing out the Mammut gear.  The race should give me a good test of fitness leading up to the Cayuga Trails 50 where I am looking to be in peak performance.

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