Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Funday

Today, after a long week of work and school, found time on Sunday to head out and run a solid 2 hour run up along the Virgil Mountain Loop at the trails up along Greek Peak and Kennedy State Forest.  The weather was cool and the multiple creek crossings were tough. I tested my new Mammut MTR 201 racers out for the run to help to break them in and in the fire-engine red, ended up caked in mud.  The run was extremely technical with a steep 2 mile climb up to the 2,089 foot Virgil Peak then through the trails up to the course of the Monster Trail Marathon run in September.  I ended up breaking trail numerous times as the white blazes were really hard to follow in many places. I noticed trees down in many sections that diverted me straight through straight mud.  It was a true challenge but I slogged through it.  I was greeted with beautiful views from Virgil Peak as well as some of the deep wooded sections.  I only came out of the run with a few scratches but the effort was solid today. In those sections that were almost impassable, I decided to take it easy. On the sections that were solid, I could get going pretty quick.  I was not able to make it to Rock Pile because the creek was way to high but I did get through the majority of the trail section in about 50 minutes which is a solid pace for just running the course.  On the way back, I took some of the hidden roads sectioned away in the state forest area and then meandered my way to the Greek Peak ski slopes on their cross-trails for maintenance.  I then bombed down a slope called Hercules then headed back for home.  I got in about 16-18 miles today. The mileage was not so intense but the course is so technical that anything fast would ultimately leave you mangled and injured.

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