Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon Tragedy and the Day my Phone Died--April 15, 2013

On my way to work, my phone decided to universally reset to the point where it is long gone. There is nothing I can do to fix it according to a At&t guy I ran to today. With all of the craziness without a phone, the Boston Marathon had a crazy bomb event occur there.  My prayers are with everyone affected by this horrible turn of circumstances.  After work at 4, I headed home, then took my messed-up phone and ran to 77 club to see Ashlee to tell her why I had been MIA with my phone. The warmth is here and felt nice as I was out and around town. I ran to the At&T store only to find my phone is junk and should be thrown out.  I then proceeded to head out along Bike Route 11 over the overpass to East River Road.  I wore longsleeves because I did not know if we would have any chill in the air with the crazy wind and at times, the wind did make it chilly though the sunshine and the 60 degree weather made my long sleeves need to be tucked in.  I felt pretty solid today with some fast uptempo clips in 5:25 pace, then I would settle back into the low 6's.  I ran pretty quick and then headed for home.  My watch ran 72:34 which would equate to about 10-11 miles of work which was not bad one bit.  This week should be a nice week of training as I prepare for the Allegany 22k May 4th.

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