Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Beauty Sleep!!!!!!

We all love our beauty sleep. Lately, I have been craving ample sleep.  I say it is for my complexion but truthfully with the busy life I live, I guess I really need it!  I have been sleeping in a little more lately because of staying up late working on homework and housework that I have been running more in Ithaca than usual.  I have enjoyed my Ithaca night runs all along mysterious trails and up and down vast gorges.  I have put in some solid training as of late and even with a slight head-cold, I have felt pretty solid running up and down the various hills of Central New York.  I am excited about the summer full of racing, hiking, working at a new job and just exploring the Upstate New York as well as East Coast.  I hope to catch up on my sleep and to have the chance to run and train out there in some of the best weather I have ever experienced for spring and summer!  Mammut is doing a great job with their trail running line and their shoes continue to impress me.  I have never seen such a sound structure to a shoe as the MTR 141 that has the most flexible forefoot structure I have ever run in.  This shoe makes running up steep uphills feel like a  cake-walk.  You are just able to fly.  I am so excited to have been partnered with Mammut and enough with the rambling, time to get out the door and run!

The spring is here so get out there, run in the sun, rest up and get that beauty sleep. It is going to be a wonderful summer!

 April 17th---Ran on some great trails in Ithaca after work with my boss, Ian and it was so amazing to run on such a diverse network of trails that wind up and down through the woods and showcased watefalls, and gorges and jumping spots into a lake.  Overall time 64 minutes for about 10 miles.

This morning April 18, I went for a nice morning jaunt out along  Route 222 out towards Groton. The morning was nice and cool, perfect for a run. I felt a little sluggish from the other night's run so I took it easy on the flats and even picked up the pace a little towards the end.  Getting ready for some longer efforts this weekend!

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