Friday, April 26, 2013

My first run in Hoka One One

Friday April 26---Had an amazing run in my new Hoka Stinson Tarmacs. I felt like I was flying the whole time and a standard 80 minute run became a 2 hour run for a whopping total of 18-19 miles. I ran on some trails in Ithaca then somehow ended up by Cayuga Heights on the North side of town. Then I came back across near Cornell and headed to the car.  I cannot believe how easy this two hour run actually was. I had no leg fatigue and the cool feature about a Hoka shoe is that they are so soft and light and they really do provide a nice fast foot strike and gives me the ability to fly down hill. With the shoes, I was able to forget about how long I was out running and turned what would have been an 85 munute run into a 2 hour night  adventure. I was winding up and down the hilly roads with technical ease. I even took my Hokas out on some narly trail sections.  It was quite a time and the Hokas are a lot lighter than I imagined and functioned very well out and about on a variety of different surfaces.

Saturday April 27--- Run on the Ithaca Rec-Way----A very nice morning with cool temps but was gradually warming up.  I felt the fatigue from the other day's 2 hour run so I took it nice and easy. I was about 30 minutes in before my body felt like it was ready to go.  I diverting and ran some of the rooty singel-track deep in the woods and just had fun with it.  My fitness is feeling great and I hope to really make it in the big races this summer.  83 minute run for a total of 13 miles.

Sunday  April 28---90 minute run in the sun. Weather in the mid 60's and I decided to head out along Route 41 to 41a.  Once you hit 41a, the road meanders along a lush creek and passes through an amazing gorge with high cliffs in both directions.  I have really put some nice miles in this weekend with my almost 20 miler a 13 or so miler and then the 15 miler.  Today's run really solidified what my training has been like as of late as I just floated along the road while allowing for myself to just take in the sights and to just enjoy the experience.

Monday--April 29--78 minute run in my Hokas up along the hilly farm road sections of Page Green Road.  The wind was nuts and it made uphill running very difficult but I managed to float on clouds with my Hokas which was a ton of fun.  Every time I hit a nice downhill section, the shoes have the ability to just soak up the road which is amazing.  I am starting to acclimate to the Hoka high lift of the shoe though it has taken a little getting used to.  I hope to race this weekend at the Tom B run at Hammond Hill in Dryden.  I am looking for a chance to race in my MTR Mammut gear to give it a race  test before the Cayuga Trail 50.  So far in the last 5 days, my training has been amazing. With my new work schedule, I am able to get ample sleep, have time to spend with my lovely girlfriend, take care of house chores and of course tackle tough homework.  Things are looking up.  My training efforts have been coming together and all it will take is a smart executed race come June 8th and who knows what can happen.  I am fit and I feel that I have earned a place amongst the pros.  Is Sage Canaday going to be the man to beat come June 8th at the Cayuga Trails 50, of course but he has been on fire that it would be foolish not to pick him on top.  I just need to run my race.  I have learned the trails and that will surely play to my strengths. If the top group goes out to crazy, then I hope I will have the chance to reel some people in the last 20 miles.  The race begins beyond the 50k. Get out there and enjoy spring.

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