Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mammut Sports Gear Review Episode Number 1---Jackets and Midlayers

Once I came back from Snowshoe Nationals, I have been blessed with tons of Mammut apparel for the season.  I have had the chance in these weeks to train and test out the gear in a variety of weather, different terrains, and at different paces and efforts.  The results are in and you will be impressed with Mammut. They mean business and I cannot wait to showcase their apparel and trail shoes this spring and summer season.

Over the course of my training runs, I kept coming back to a very versatile, almost invisible light jacket that seemed to do it all, The MTR 201 Micro Jacket. This jacket is lightweight coming in at around 100 grams!!!   Just imagine wearing a jacket lighter than a tissue....Oh yeah this thing is crazy good!  
This jacket is loaded with features: 
  • Wind-protection jacket for cooler weather
  • As light as a feather and packs up wonderfully small
  • Extremely light, tear-resistant 10-denier micro-fabric
  • Breathable micro-layer fabric to support temperature regulation
  • Wind and shower-proof as a result of the long-lasting DWR treatment
  • Efficient underarm ventilation thanks to the very stretchy elastane mesh insert
  • Chest pocket with integrated multimedia cable opening
  • The entire jacket can be easily stowed in the chest pocket
  • Easily stowable finger gaiters for protection in cold weather
  • Reflective logos for visual safety
  • Distinctive line print
  • Adjustable hem
  • Athletic Fit
(Mammut website)

Check out these photos of the jacket:
Looking great in the green!

Almost thinner than air!

This jacket's polyamide material is unlike anything I have ever run in.  My jacket did encounter some rough branches on some of my trail runs through the Virgil Mountain wilderness and never tore or felt like it was flimsy.  When you have a jacket so light as this one, it often feels like it cannot support your use out of the jacket  but this one performs so well.  This jacket performs!!!  Not only does it feel great in cold weather, single digits one morning to damp cold rainy weather, to warmer windy weather (65 degrees), but this jacket sheds the wind incredibly well and can easily be packed away in a hydration pack or waistbelt when it is not needed. But trust me when I say you will love to need this jacket.  The jacket regulates your body temperature incredibly well and all it takes is one baselayer to really keep you warm in colder weather and maybe another shirt in really cold weather in the single digits and below zero.  I was impressed with its form and function as the chest pocket can hold keys, gloves, an iPhone, a place for gels and of course any other use you might find the pocket can serve.  I cannot praise everyone at Mammut for truly making such an innovative jacket.

The conclusion:  This superlight jacket is the toughest light weight jacket out there.  It blocks wind, regulates body temperature like a weatherized home, and looks super silky smooth and functional.

Rainy weather in Upstate New York---The weather has been wet and rainy and that gets my allergies going as I am allergic to mold. SO, that cold damp weather gets me pretty good.  My training has been going really well.  I have been able to run hills with ease, run at a great running clip, and just recover well so that I can get after it the next day.  I have had such a busy schedule with work and school that it has been hard to balance everything but my running has given me that balance. I get out the door and am able to clear my head and to immerse myself in nature; whether it be in the woods, on the high-hills with dairy cows, or within the town streets, I have been able to find that solitude and have been able to really feel strong in all of my runs which I have not felt in a little while.  I know I am feeling fit when I can just maintain my decent pace up some of the steep climbs around Cortland instead of suffering from some rough patches. Remember that Cortland may not have insane vertical, but the hills around town or nestled on long and winding roads that make you feel as if you have made it to the top of the world.  This Sunday, I plan on another great trail run up in the Virgil Mountain wilderness up by Greek Peak Ski Resort.  I will test out some more Mammut gear on some rugged trails!  I am very excited about the training and my lovely girlfriend , Ashlee just received her acceptance to SUNY Cortland! She has worked so hard with school and I am so very happy she has reached the stars!

If you have not already, BUY SOME MAMMUT GEAR!  It is the most comfortable, functional, and durable gear for outdoor outfitters period!  Check them out:

MTR 141 Air Jacket

First Impressions: This jacket is light as can be and still has the ability to provide great wind-blocking properties as well as regulate body temperature extremely well. Your cool weather jacket for crisp spring mornings into the first chills of winter. This jacket is butter soft and has no crinkle sound as it acts like a really really soft shell.  The taper of the jacket fits so nice: it is not loose nor too tight.  There is great stretch in the fabric and I truly love the way the jacket feels as well as how it just keeps you nice and cozy.  The most amazing feature of any of Mammut's trail running jackets are that they have great function and use and can easily be packed or stowed away without having the issue of weight come into play.  They also somehow just regulate body temperature in any weather condition with such precision that it is some goood stuff!

If you are looking for a nice jacket that feels like you are wearing a feather, the air jacket from Mammut needs to be an item in your running arsenal!

SUnday April 14---Nice 76 minute run out in Hoxie Gorge State Forest--Ran nice and relaxed. I enjoyed the nice morning through technical Finger Lakes terrain.

Check out the video to a race I am going to do...the Can 50 miler! Let's see if I can run a course record!

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