Sunday, December 30, 2012

SNowshoe Run and Hiking Tuller Hill State Forest

Woke up this morning to more snow.  I felt today was better than any to strap on the Dion snowshoes.  Let me tell you, snow shoes are awesome. To run fast in them, you feel like you are doing higher high kicks with your legs but the running is not too difficult. I really feel like I can get used to this sport.  I ran to the grocery store with them, ran back, then ran half mile loops around our town-home complex while Ashlee made us breakfast.  It was amazing. Yes, it is cold out there, but the sunshine made for an amazing day. The run was great and then we went to the ski resort to hike along the trails of Tuller Hill State forest. We sipped on wine and hiked through two feet of snow. It was a perfect experience. Being able to share a piece of solitude and wilderness with my one true love was something very special and exhilarating.  It was a cold day, but the forest really helped to keep the wind at bay. I have grown to love and respect nature as our natural world really is something incredible and this is one of the main reasons why I run. I love to be outdoors experiencing and observing the world. I like to feel that grain of sand under my feet, feel the crisp wind buffet my skin, the warmth of the sun heat up my hands.  I truly look forward to another day Ashlee and myself can go explore some more!

Monday--Last day of 2012

I ran up the Tower Road Run. I start at Pendleton Road and then work my way up a series of five uphill climbs ascending about 800-1,000 feet.  It is a tough run and the weather this morning was ideal. The sun was out and the snow was even melting a little bit. I kept thinking about snowshoe season and how I am very excited about competing and ensuring myself a place amongst the best snowshoers around.  I also began to tap into the feeling of how tranquil Upstate New York becomes in winter. It is so quiet and peaceful.  In my life, I have never been somewhere where this can occur. Cortland, NY has it.  You can run out of town and be somewhere so peaceful that all your hear is the slight breeze.

2013--Tuesday January 1st

Nice 81 minute run along Health Camp Road. Ran up into the snow-covered hills of the area. It was a nice run. Once I made it up to the peak, my hands were freezing as the wind chill was making my hands become little icicles.  I have a pair of Gore running gloves which are great light gloves but are not the best for temperatures under 25 degrees.  I find that most running gloves work well in cold temps but nordic ski gloves, or trail running gloves from outdoor brands such as Mountain Hardwear are much better for those extreme temps though may be too much for mild winter days.  I really love winter running especially here as the snow pact does limit some mobility while going downhill, it provides a soft surface that leaves my legs feeling alive and rejuvenated.  Snow is actually one of the softer more forgiving surfaces for your joints which as long as you keep your footing, you will truly get a great core workout in and actually feel better doing so.

Also, Thank you to all of my sponsors in 2012: Sierra Designs, Ok Runner, Karhu/Craft, and Acidotic Racing for all of your support and I look forward to making 2013 an incredible year for us all.

Here are the new snowshoe Acidotic Racing kits for this 2013 season. I cannot wait to get mine in the mail and to showcase this 2013 snowshoe racing season in New York state!  Thank you Chris Dunn for the awesome photo of the gear.

Wednesday--Jan 2---Ran with Chris W in the snow. We went out along Highway 90 and Wolf Road. It was rough footing but we made it happen. Got some nice climbing in and ran a solid 84 minutes say 1 hour and 35 for me as running from my house, 11.5 with chris and 1.5 with myself.  13 miles total not bad!  I am running well and the training is paying off.  It has been pretty darn cold in Cortland lately but still the cold does not bother me too much. Yeah my face may get cold, but if you layer, you should not have a problem. It was a nice long run, we had some good climbing and really got in a nice workout.  All in all for a nice day.

Thursday--Jan 3----Run out on Mclean road through the snow.  It was slow-going as the brand new wet snow made for slick conditions.  I ran out towards Limehollow Nature Center but turned off on a road right before the nature center. I ran up and down the hills as the snow began to increase in intensity. It was tough going but made the most of it.  I ran about 1 hour and 37 minutes about 14-15 miles or so.  It was a good grind-it-out kind of day.  It is amazing how much it snows here in Cortland, NY. There are snow showers about every day and usually two days out of the week, some sunshine shows up.  The run felt like I was going in slow-motion but I managed a decent run.

Friday Jan 4--10.5 mile snowshoe run at Hoxie Gorge State Forest. It was a cold morning as temps in the teens and single digits made for a chilly run. Luckily, snowshoe running really warms you up. Everyone has told me that snowshoe running is so much harder than regular running and I would agree somewhat though it is harder, it is not as hard as I thought it would be. Running at Hoxie Gorge, the main trails were in a foot and a half of snow so running was slow going. It did not get much better with the snowmobile trails as the footing was uneven but much better as 6-8 inches of snow covered the trail. I was able to get a nice tempo going up the steep hills and the flats running 7:30-6:20's or so in the snow.  I will say, you do go a lot slower with snowshoes on.  The run was extremely peaceful as I saw nothing but trees, snow and the wind during my run.  There is something about being out there in the snow that makes you feel so alive and jubilant.  Anyway, I ran 70 minutes or so in snowshoes and then ran another mile and a half back to my car in my La Sportiva Vertical Ks which make a nice bootie for snowshoe.  Another nice run in the books.

Saturday Jan 5th---Run out to Homer on 11 then turn back going up along Albany of 75 minutes and about 11.45 miles! Was a slushy day as the snow is melting.  Ran real relaxed.

Sunday Fun Day--Jan 6th---Ran a solid 55 minutes out along Kellogg Rd up to Blodgett Mills and then back again. Ran as it was getting dark and cold.  Had the flashlight and blinking wristband.  I ran my last mile in 5:04 and felt solid and just warmed up by the time I finished.  I am looking forward to a nice long run tomorrow and a chance to compete in snowshoes at the end of this month and into February.

Monday Jan 7th--21.8 mile long run to Summerhill State Forest. I made the journey from Cortland County all the way to Cayuga County and back again.

Tuesday--Jan 8th--70 minute run out to Bank of America and uphill on Pendleton Road.

Wednesday Jan 9th---80 minute run out on Ames road up the massive uphill.

Friday Jan 11--Run in the rain out along Mcclean Road to the Limehollow Trails. Got about 75 minutes in.

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