Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas in Nashville TN 2012

The time spent in Nashville has been a great break from school and work. I have had the chance to spend time with family, eat piles of food, run all over the place, and just relax and enjoy the holiday.  I have run at the amazing Percy Warner Park on Christmas Day and have run along my aunt's property nestled high-up in the Tennessee Hills. Tennessee is a great place to live and to run. Tennessee has miles upon miles of singletrack trails that meander through gorges, creeks, up hilss and down them.  The weather is failrly mild in the winter though snow does occur in the higher elevations usually near Knoxville and the Smoky Mountains.  The Smoky Mountains is an amazing place in Tennessee where 6,000 ft peaks are king and hundreds of miles of trails await the brave people willing to venture into this wilderness.  In Nashville, I have not seen any country music stars, but the southern hospitality is deffintley here with tons of nice people running out along the various parks.  Percy Warner Park is a great park with trails I explored yesterday. Almost twisted my ankle on one steep down-slope and besides the slick mud from rain the day before, the trails were well-packed. Percy Warner Park, in the Tennessee Hills is where I truly began to foster a love for the hills and mountains of America.  It is here that every holiday I would run until my legs would literally give out. But this year, I can really run up. My legs feel just fine as  I crushed the single track trails and meander along the high-up drive that crests some of the most incredible views of Nashville, TN.  I can say that normally running in Nashville, the hills destroy my legs but this year, Cortland has prepared me well to be able to run hills the best I have ever been able to do in my life.  This gives me great confidence for the winter season of snowshoe and the various road and trail races this spring and summer. I hope to be able to run with the best of them and this year of 2013 will in fact be a big year.  Get ready trail running world, cause I am coming! 

I also hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday.  As we start a new year, lets focus our time on those things as humans we should cherish most: family, friends, and happiness.  When Ashlee and myself arrive back to Upstate New York, we will have some 16 inches of snow waiting for us.  I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday and be safe traveling back home. 

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