Sunday, January 13, 2013

Snowshoe Season 2 weeks away

I am now two weeks out from my first snowshoe race of the season. The warmer weather and rain has cut almost all of the snow pack. I hope we will have enough snow in two weeks but Winona is a location that gets about 300 inches of snow a year as the Tug Hill area in Upstate New York has the tendency to get pummeled with snow.  It should be a fun day.  I am recovering from a little cold but my fitness is fine and I should be able to run a 5k snowshoe.  I cannot wait to race acidotic with our new uniforms and though I do miss the sun, I hope the once winterwonderland Cortland became can become that again.  Jan 27--Winona Stonewall 5k, here  I come and I hope there will be snow there when race day arrives.

I spent today running with Chris the high school Cortland student and we ran a nice easy 75 minutes about 11 or so miles out along East River Road. I thought it might rain but the 50 degree weather made for feeling what the thaw in April might feel like here.  It was cool, damp, day.

Pics from the Empire State Half Marathon:

Here are some photos that come from the Empire State Marathon Facebook Page:

Preparing myself for 13.1 fast miles.

Talking to the Race Director!

They are off!

The Famous Start!
Making a Move with the sun in my face at mile 8-10
Coming In Strong 5th  Place 70:45

Monday Jan 14--Run at night after long day of work.  Had a blast at the Finger Lakes Running Company.  Ran out along Main Street and the Suny Cortland campus out to Mcclean and to Groton-222 and back home again. It was cold out there but I managed to run strong and to get the miles in. Ran for 70 minutes and 11 miles.  Nothing crazy. Tomorrow I plan on doing a nice long hill tempo and work on building some strength running ascents.  Snow is in the forecast again too. Bring it on!

Tuesday--Jan 15--Long Run through main street up Page Green Road. I hit my first climb running what felt was slow. I just kept plugging away trying to get the wheels turning after getting over a head cold.  The colder weather felt nice as 28 is a very tolerable long-distance temp for winter. Having no wind is always nice too.  I hit Blodgett Mills Road and turned left onto it.  Here I ran the little rolling hills before heading down the massive slope.  I made it to the town at 40 minutes on the watch and decided to head out towards Virgil and up to Tower Road.  For those of you who do not know what Tower Road is. It seems to be one of the highest hills in Cortland County.  At close to 2,000 feet, the radio tower at the top of the road overlooks everything and the sky as you look up makes you feel as if you could touch the stars.  I ran up the more inclines of Tower Road as since I made it into Blodgett Mills, I had been climbing for a solid 15 minutes.  Finally, I had made it to the top of Tower Road. I stopped the watch and began to relax and take in the views. Unfortunately, it was getting dark and it was time for me to hurry back.  I headed on Pendleton Road back home just as night was settling in.  What a day! 1 hour and 33 minutes for a whopping 15.65 miles. Not bad. 

Wednesday Jan 16---Run in the snow showers out along Blue Creek Road out to Groton.  The footing was a little off, but I managed a decent run besides waiting forever to cross 281.

Thursday Jan 17--Worked at FingerLakes Running Company from 12-3. Ran some errands in Ithaca then headed home. While Ashlee went off to the gym, I went for a nice run with my headlamps.  Ran about 75 minutes and 12 miles or so.  Went out through Homer onto 281 where the traffic is almost non-existent. It was a cold run on the way out but on the way back without the wind, my 4 layers made me feel nice and toasty. The run was very peaceful as the cars on 281 were minimal say maybe 2 or 3 that I caught.  I feel like I have everything in order for the most part as school is about to start again, I will have a steadier income, I have time to run and hang out with people, and chores around the home are getting done.  Ashlee and myself I think are finally adjusting to the big move and we are doing real well.

Friday  Jan 18---Worked at Olympia then headed home at 2. By 3:20 or so, I was out the door to run tempo some hills and enjoy the rare sunshine.  We have a few inches on fresh snow on the ground from the other day so the sun beaming off the snow was blinding. Luckily I brought along some shades for the trip.  I ran starting out along 13 out towards Truxton then veered off at Loring Crossings Road onto East River Road. From there, I hit the first right on Parks Road up the rolling inclines to the crest.  We have a very chilly blast of Canadian air making things pretty chilly.  My face was freezing on the way back as I hit some steep climbs.  Every incline I ran all out to the very full-on point of exhaustion.  Once I reached the top, I would let the downhill relax my aching legs.  I ran about 81:23 today which was a nice solid day. I put about 13-14 miles in and ran a nice strength workout.  I was probably running in the low 6:10 range sometimes maybe near 5:50 which is nothing too insane but fast enough to really stress my legs with climbing up some steep hills. Tomorrow, I am going to bundle up even more than today because it is supposed to be even colder maybe in the single digits.  This is winter in Upstate New York I guess....

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