Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nightime Run to My Car and Run To Tuller Hill State Forest from Home

Tuesday Dec 18---Run at night to my car at Olympia Sports.  Ran up along Virgil road at night. Pretty scary and made me think of what goes bump in the night.  54 minute run 8.5 miles

Wednesday Dec 19---Ran out along Kellogg Road to Blodgett Mills then out to Virgil. Ran the higher alpine route that I found out loops right to Tuller Hill State Forest. I ran about 1 hour and 30 minutes and probably 15 miles. Felt fast strong and smooth though the wind on the way back slowed my quick pace down.  I am feeling strong and ready to run some fast times once the snow flies in January for snowshoe!

Thursday Dec 20, 2012----Ran out along Bond Road.  Ran some hills out along Groton. The run felt easy but I was able to get a nice workout in.  The weather is supposed to turn from our mild winter weather to that of a winter Draco blizzard.  The wind at the higher elevations was strong at times and cold, but I never felt too cold.  This run really tells me that I am truly adapting to NY running and that this new form of training has really improved my level of fitness.  I truly hope to network with both Smartwool and Technica which are great companies and I hope to be an athlete that will help forward their brands and allow for a higher level of growth that could allow to help to push these companies into being well-known by all people because not only do they make great products, but their company images are innovative and great I got in 84 minutes of running.   I am really great and  I look forward to the holidays and running back into Nashville, TN for the holidays. Bring on Percy Warner Park and Edwin Warner Park this holiday!  Tennessee hills here they come!

Friday December 21, 2012  --1st day of winter and the end of the world as we know it.  Ran in the rain/sleet/snow/slush up to the East Homer hills along Albany Road. It was a nice and peaceful run. Ran for 70 minutes and 10.5 miles.  I felt like I was in some End of the World Movie as the snow was in full effect as we were in a white-out.  I had just enough focus to look out ahead of myself as I trudged up-hill through the snow.  It was a relaxing run, as I kept running a relaxed pace with the slippery footing and enjoyed my first run in a real snowstorm. Though by the time I came back down from the hilltops, the snow was melting as the air temperature warmed a degree or two which seemed to be just enough to melt the snow.

Saturday--December 22----Blizzard Snow Run.---Ran 70 minutes out in white-out conditions out along SUNY Cortland campus.  It was so cold, windy you name it. I felt like I was in the arctic.  It was crazy. I broke trail the majority of the way until I made it to the school where plows were clearing up the sidewalks and roads.  It was a slow and tough run. Some sections my eyes burned from the 40mph gusts whipping freezing cold snow into my eyes.  

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