Saturday, December 15, 2012

Karhu--New Shoes!!!!

Just as I did my trail running boom post, Karhu has answered my prayers with an amazing trail runner that is flow racing flat gone trail and it looks and performs like a dream.

Saturday---- Dec 15----Today, I ran with Cortland High, Chris out along Page Green Road. We went up to the hills by Blodgett Mills then hit the loop along Pendleton Road. It was a nice cool afternoon as we had a nice time running and talking. We ran for 77 minutes about 11-12 miles and I ran about maybe a mile or two more. Overall, great for a long day at work.

Stunday--Dec 16--Run out along Homer and 281. It was a nice quiet Sunday on the roads. Got in an hour and a half of running for 14-15 miles.  Woke up early, chugged some water and was out the door. I will say that the weather today was pretty nasty. It was windy and cold with rainshowers that made my skin become bright pink.

Back to Karhu:

We have a new line of shoes and updates I cannot wait to try out and run countless miles in.  Here are the following new shoes:

Karhu Flow Light!!!!--Racing Flat of Legends at 8.0 ounces. This flat looks like to fits like a glove and performs like a racehorse.  This shoe is Karhu's go-to racing flat for 5k, half marathon and up to marathon.  Karhu uses its Fulcrum technology, the shoe will have a nice fluid transition from heel to toe, focusing on the mid-foot strike.  This shoe is light, nimble and its woven upper allows for a wonderful plush racer that is going to make many top athletes very happy!  A must-have shoe for your spring race schedule!

Karhu Flow3 Trainer--8.5 Ounces
This shoe builds on the Flow Light as a lightweight marathon racer and trainer that can handle the long miles, but is also light and supple enough for fast running.  The shoe also features the light woven upper which looks great and of course Karhu brings in the amazing color patterns.  The neon green and blue make it pop at the starting line as you will surely surprise the competition and yourself of how fast you can go.  This shoe has the ability to succeed in a race such as JFK 50 for those long ultras that require a supple road shoe but can handle sections of trail.  This shoe blends together a really soft overall feel with its memory foam heel collar and its soft tongue.  This shoe looks to be a great long-distance racer that can handle the demand of an ultra or can be used for that person who wants a light-weight flexible yet soft cushioned trainer.

Karhu Flow3 Trail!!!!--9 ounces
This shoe looks like a big-time winner and yes as a trail runner I am biased!  Following the Flow series of Karhu shoes, this trail shoe is no different, it is designed for fast performance.  The Fulcrum will provide a great forefoot-focused foot-strike making your running more efficient. I cannot wait to get my hands on this shoe to test it out!  I am even more excited to show everyone at the Cayuga 50 miler this June how Karhu rolls in the trail running segment. This shoe has Karhu's new woven upper which looks to be a winner: supportive, breathable, lightweight, soft, and durable. Around the body of the shoe, Karhu has implemented a water-resistant fabric (black) around the shoe to help aid in creek crossings, wet grass, snow, ice, or any form of moisture out on the trails that would try and enter the shoe. details this as a benefit of this shoe: "5. Essential visibility against angry Moose. "  
This shoe has it made!  Going to be  a great addition to their collection of shoes and I hope it will sway other trail runners to give Karhu a shot because you will not be disappointed.

Karhu Strong4--Stability at its Finest!-12 Ounces
This shoe has great levels of stability and is well-cushioned for those mild to moderate overpronators that need maximum cushioning and support in a light and fast shoe.  Karhu is great in that the fulcrum helps to aid in moving your foot from heel to toe-off nice and efficiently.  

Thank you Karhu for being an amazing sponsor and I look forward to running in this new line come the New Year of 2013--We are going to do great things!
Images from!  Check out the new line of shoes!

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