Friday, December 28, 2012


For Friday December 28th, I ran this morning in the snow.  It was cold and snowy and man did Cortland get pummeled with snow. There is about 12-16 inches of snow alongside the road.  Ashlee and myself arrived home from Tennessee last night as our flight was continuously delayed.

After a 5 hour delay, we made it home.  To our surprise, it is a true winter wonderland out there! This morning, I ran about 14 miles out along Highway 11 up to Mcgraw. I ran the steep uphill slope section so I could get a nice view of the area and the snow. With my new Marmot Mica Jacket, the wind and the moisture was at bay.  I ran up the steep sections and followed along the snowbank. It was a nice snow run and got in some much needed r&r (run and run).  The wind at times made the temps hover in the single digits but I do enjoy the cold weather.  I am very excited to get in a nice hilly run in.  I ran about 84 minutes and 14 miles.

As the snow begins to take form again this weekend, I hope to get my first snowshoe runs in.  Also, with all of the snow, trail shoes become a better alternative since they usually have a water-resistant upper and have deep lugs and tread for gripping that snow and ice.

I have been really interested in Mammut as a company lately. They have an amazing line of alpine apparel for climbing and mountaineering.  But did you know that they make trail shoes as well.  Mammut is a Swiss brand that is up at the level of a Marmot, North Face, Mountain Hardwear for outdoor pursuits.  Mammut has a new trail running line coming out in 2013 and I cannot wait to see what they produce.  Always know that Wooly Mammoths are awesome and why shouldn't you not wear something with a mammoth on it?

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