Wednesday, December 5, 2012

End of the Semester At Cortland-Looking Up

Winter Break is almost here as I write this I have one more paper to assemble then it is smooth sailing for a month or so of Winter Break!  I always love winter break. It is a time to spend with the family and to relax and rejuvenate.  I hope to find time to spend with family, friends, and my cats.  I hope to be able to run well and to see some snowfall so that I can begin my Snowshoe training. I hope snowshoe goes well this year. I also am optimistic for a great Spring Semester.

David Lane has an amazing photo of Cortland, NY
These are the types of view Ashlee and myself get to see each and every day.  Upstate NY is great for running as all those hills allow for you to get tons of climbing and descending training for mountain running. Plus, the views are awesome.

photo from:

Wednesday--Dec 5th---I ran out along Scenic Bike Route 11 south towards Marathon, NY. I turned off at south hill road and went up pretty high on a strong ascent then turned back around. I was able to log in about 14 miles and 82minutes of fun.  It was semi-raining and then transitioned into snow showers on the way back. A little cold like 30's with some windchill but nothing dangerous.  Overall, another solid training day. Getting some great hillwork in to beef up my skinny quads.

Thursday---Run up some sweet hills with Chris aka cortland thunder.  Ran a nice relaxed pace and enjoyed the nice cool winter run.  It was a great chill day and I am excited about the winter-time.  I hope to run well at the It's a wonderful life 5k this weekend.  I have put in the work and I think it is time to run fast! We hit the East Homer hills and it was a great time.

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