Monday, December 17, 2012

Limehollow Run!!!!

Today after work, I am going to head to Limehollow Nature Center to run some trails in the rain! Should be a blast I cannot wait for 12 Noon!

Had a nice day at work followed by an amazing run at Limehollow. What makes Limehollow so amazing is that there are so many trail connectors that you could run easily 30 miles of singletrack before you crossed the same trail over again.  I set out along the backside of Limehollow and ran out along the trails.  The damp weather did not stop me as I went up the hills and dales numerous times. Yes, at times, I flew through the woods with reckless abandon sometimes having to go off-trail and backtrack.  I ran the High Vista loop and another Oranged marked section that took me to sections I have not been to before.  I even ran a trail section that veered right off of a cliff.  I skidded down the cliff to the base and then ran the trail section back again.  I was having so much fun but realized that I had to head back to the car.  It was a nice 85 minute run say13 miles of effort. Not bad.  I will say that Limehollow is a wonderful facility here in Cortland, NY so check it out next time you would like to run trails.

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