Sunday, January 22, 2012

Life---The True Story

This week, I have been working all day all the time it seems. Yesterday, I did not even have time to run because I decided I needed the rest.

Embassy Suites was full of rehab drug addicts and let me tell you they LOVE CAFFEINE, LIKE A DRUG!  I served more Red Bull and more coffees that our little stand could put all of Starbucks out of business.

Today I am going for a Sunday run and the wind is painting the sky a dusty red reminiscent of the Dust Bowl of Oklahoma's Past!

Wish me luck and I hope I do not get blown over!

The End Result: 79 minutes and 57 seconds...dust like the dust bowl. Winds picking up to 50-60 mph and sustained winds at 25-30mph. 70 degrees in January! In other words, I just do not get the weather here in Oklahoma.  With such adverse weather, it makes for a run through hills feel like torture. I could not breathe and the air was full of soot and dirt as it caked the insides of my eyes. Somehow I was able to run about 11-12 miles through it all but it was like running it what I thought would be the aftermath of some nuclear winter. This was one of the worst training runs of my life.

Here are some photos to indicate what the run was like!

I just do not understand how the weather here can change from cold and rain to hot and dusty in less than 12 hours but locals just say that is Oklahoma for you!

This past week I was able to log 78.75 miles which is not bad for taking Saturday off because of working all day long. If I added 12 miles to that equation I would be close to 90 which is perfect for where I want to be for Marathon buildup.

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