Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Scott Downard!!!!!

Today I ran a nice morning run with my boy Scott Downard. It was his birthday today and it was a true pleasure to spend the morning running with him. We ran for about 70-75 minutes on the Sutton Wilderness Trails and it was a nice cool morning just how I like it and then it warmed up into the 40's. It was a fun time and we got some nice talking with him and running on some dirt. After yesterday's DUST Bowl run this run was paradise. I could breath and it was a great break from the monotony of working!

Tuesday---I went running out on 12 ave all the way out to Tecumseh and then looped back on Porter ave. It was a nice late afternoon run before we were supposed to get pounded by the first rain we have had in Oklahoma in a long time!  The run was nice and relaxed as I headed out to some really nice brand new development that had a monster hill I eagerly jolted up.  Just as I was a mile from home, the rain began. First, as a light sprinkle, then it really picked up. And just at the moment I was picking up my pace for home a Subaru came out of a nearby gas station and almost hit me. If people have two eyes, they should use them as I placed my hands on the hood of the car and yelled some nasty remarks. I hate when people do not pay attention and it makes me sooooo mad!  I ran for 80 minutes and about 12 miles.

Wednesday---I worked 15 hours today and I had my afternoon run break. My goal: to make it to Stanley Draper Lake from Belmar Golf Club.  With just my luck, I was able to make it to Draper and to see the lake from a great high hill overlooking the whole area.  I felt accomplished as I am really beginning to enjoy running in Moore. Besides all these dogs that want to run with me, Moore offers big hills, no cars, and new territory.  I was able to run 15.4 miles and I clocked in at 1 hour and 30 minutes.  I placed these stats into pace calculator and I averaged 5:50 a mile for the distance.  I am blown away by that time since I was running strong and fast but I never expected 5:50. But then again, it could happen.  This gives me great confidence for my next races and for the OKC marathon.  I am very tired now as I write this but I feel accomplished knowing I did so much in one day.!

Thursday--Run To Bank and Post Office  60 minutes and I felt good though I had to deal with some dumb drivers.

Friday--Night run in the crazy wind of Oklahoma and Preparation for the Sooner Trail Games Tomorrow. I ran a solid 60 mins and 17 seconds and about 9.5-10 miles. I just kind of bounded along to get the legs juiced up and ready to go for tomorrow.  Time to let loose.

Tomorrow's race is an 8 mile trail race along the mountain biking trails of Draper Lake. These trails are like a dirt banked track and should provide me some fast times as long as there is not too many loops where I can get stuck behind people. I am running this race just for the heck of it and to  get my new Inov8 230's into some practice before next weekend's 50k at White Rock.  I am so lucky to have Ashlee cheer me on and I look forward to wearing my Acidotic Racing Jersey and some Smart Wool Socks provided by Backwoods.  Thank you for my sponsors: Acidotic Racing, Backwoods, and OK Runner for helping to make my dreams a reality!

Now Let's Run some Trails!

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